YOUR LICENSE IS READY. Now you need to install and activate app in your SharePoint environment.

In order to install, activate and configure DATAPOLIS WORKFLOW App, you will need administrative rights to your SharePoint and Azure Active Directory.

If you do not have that privileges, please contact your Administrator and ask him to log in to and install this App.

To install DATAPOLIS WORKFLOW App you need to have Sharepoint admin priveleges.

  2. Sign in to the Sharepoint Admin Center.
  3. Select “More Features” on the left side panel.
  4. Click “Open” button under Apps card.
  5. This will open App Catalog site, click “Upload” and select the file you have just downloaded.
  6. On right side of the screen pop-up will show-up asking you to choose where our app will be available. If you want to manually add it to each site select “Only enable this app” otherwise select “Enable this app and add it to all sites”, afterwards click “Enable App” at the bottom of the panel.
  7. Once the file is uploaded you can proceed to the next step: Defining users and setting up appropriate permissions.

To set up users permissions you need to have Azure AD Administrator privileges.

Workflow AdministratorWorkflow DesignerWorkflow User

Workflow Administrator is dedicated user which can manage Datapolis Workflow licenses, refresh System connectors and manages all administrative functionalities.

We recommend that the Workflow Administrator be a person who also has SharePoint administrator privileges.

Workflow Designer is a user who has access to Datapolis Workflow Designer. He is able to create workflows and deploy them in Sharepoint environment.Workflow User is a user who may participate in processes

Please follow the instructions below to set DATAPOLIS WORKFLOW USERS 

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.
  2. In Enterprise applications section You should see a list of all applications, select Datapolis Workflow
  3. Under Manage, select Users and groups

    ____________ ADD WORKFLOW ADMINISTRATOR ____________

  4. Select Add user/group, this will open the Add Assignment pane.
  5. Select the Users and groups selector from the Add Assignment pane. A list of users and security groups will be displayed. (IMPORTANT: First You should choose a person who will be an administrator for our product. This is strongly recommended that that person is also a Sharepoint admin.)
  6. Once you’ve selected users and groups, click the Select button to proceed.
  7. Click Select a role in the Add assignment pane and pick role, confirm the choice by pressing Select button.
  8. Select the Assign button to finish the assignment of that user.

    ___________________ ADD OTHER USERS ___________________

  9. To let other people use DATAPOLIS WORKFLOW you also must add them to specified roles:
    1. Workflow User is a basic user which can start workflows and launch workflow actions.
    2. Workflow Designer is a user who has access to workflow designer in which they’re able to create workflows.
    3. Workflow Admin is an administrative role which allows them to access administrative functions such as refreshing system accounts.

You need to have Sharepoint admin privileges to create System Connectors. You must also be in role Workflow Administrator to be able to create System Connectors.

Workflows at work will perform operations on SharePoint lists and use   functionality provided by Microsoft through Microsoft Graph. System connectors enable all such operations.

Before refreshing the connectors, it is necessary to re-log in. To do this, click on user icon in the upper right corner of your browser, then click on ‘Sign out’ and log back in. 

Please click “Refresh” buttons on the left side of the screen and then delegate appropriate privileges to DATAPOLIS WORKFLOW App.