You must have SharePoint Administrator privileges to install an App. If you do not have that privileges, please contact your SharePoint Administrator and ask him to log in to and install this App. 

After installation

Once Datapolis Workflow App is installed in a Sharepoint environment, you can start creating and deploying processes based on SharePoint lists.

[Musi byc opis podziału na 3 rodzaje użytkowników i jak stać się administratorem, który może nadawać uprawnienia]

Workflow Creation

Any user with “Workflow Creator” privileges can create and implement business processes based on Sharepoint lists.

There will be a “Datapolis Workflow” button in the Sharepoint list ribbon. By clicking it, we can enter the designer and start building a new workflow.

Using Created Workflows

Using the created workflow is very simple. Each list item on which Datapolis Workflow has been implemented has an additional button thanks to which people involved in the process can launch actions intended for themselves.