Datapolis Process Management tools has been created to empower business users and process designers in workflow creation and to make process participation easier and user friendly

Graphical Designer

The heart of Datapolis set of workflow tools is easy to understand and use graphical workflow designer. Powerful – with embedded designer of Forms – allows creation of very complex workflows in very short time.

Easy Change Management

Remodeling and re-implementation of Datapolis workflows usually takes minutes. Clear and readable workflow diagrams, automatic documentation possibility of adding comments to all objects. One click deploy…

User Friendly

Workflow participants do not need to learn to handle new software. User interface is intuitive and integrated with SharePoint/Office 365 interface.


Business Intelligence and Reporting

Datapolis Process System comes with a set of BI and Reporting tools facilitating decision-making by executives. Datapolis Process Intelligence is a tool designed to empower process optimisation.


Easy Customisation and Enhancement

HTML Form designer gives endless possibilities of User interface customisation. SDK allows to develop custom activities and functions. Created workflows may become new functionalities for use in other workflows… 

Sharepoint/Office365 integration

Datapolis workflow products are made for SharePoint and Office 365. User interface is integrated with SharePoint lists. Sharepoint users and permission model is implemented inside Datapolis workflows. Sharepoint lists are accessible from every activity.  Datapolis products use only Sharepoint native workflow engine.




Our workflow tools has been growing with the SharePoint growth. Started in 2008 with SharePoint 2007 we have continuously developing through SharePoint 2010 and 2013. Datapolis Process System 2016 was ready to launch a week before SharePoint 2016 launch.


Datapolis workflow products are implemented in dozens of Enterprises in all over the world. Banks, Financial institutions, big manufacturing and engineering companies use Datapolis workflows for their daily work.


Our customers and partners can be sure of our help if there is a need to extend our tools with additional functionalities. Datapolis workflow platform is open for custom enhancement and development.