Advanced Process Intelligence and Process Optimization

Advanced Process Intelligence and Process Optimization


Process Intelligence

Process Mining

– Fills the gap between Data Mining and Business Process Management
– Looks at information how the data was actually created
– Link data with process model

DPI shows dependencies between the event data and business processes and helps to answer questions like:

– What happen in the current process?
– How can I improve process in my company?
– What happens in the process when it is changed?
– Which changes will be the best for the process?

Real Process Visualisation

– live visualization of currently most congested process paths,
– live visualization of user’s interaction and workload in certain parts of the process,
– advanced filtering mechanisms of visualized events,
– possibility to present process performance for certain department,
– process branches – visulizing on decision trees,
– key process indicators and various process parameters presented on Business Dashboard.


Identifying bottlenecks and loops

Thanks to Datapolis Process Intelligence you are able to identify parts of the process which consumes most of the valuable resources.

Multidimensional process visualization provides complex information about process and identify:

–  Bottlenecks of the process – part of process which significantly slow down process performance,
–  Process loops – redundant process activities which can be eliminated.


Process Optimization

Machine Learning

DPI leverages Machine Learning to allow you to:

– predict process performance in critical periods,
– avoid downtimes and blocks in processes,
– discover how to improve performance,
– find hidden paterns that impact performance,
– leverage prediction to automate users inputs and paths selections,
– learn from your processes to build better ones.


Process change analysis

With DPI you can design and implement changes in your process with full control:

– monitor impact of every change for process performance,
– compare different versions of process,
– simulate behavior of new version of process before it goes live,
– predict possible bottlenecks,
– design changes that will improve your process.


External systems analysis

Datapolis Process Intelligence allows to analyze data from related processes and even external systems and datasets to bring you wide view for what is really happen in your main process.

– discover how other processes impact your main one,
– how users behaviors translate to process workload,
– how different departments influence each other in your process,
– monitor how your process impacts business environment,
– how to optimize connections between processes and systems,
– Analyze data from SharePoint workflows, CRMs, ERPs, custom systems, others.


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